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Module 4: Reflect on our Initial Thinking

Now that you have worked through some of the Invitations to Inquiry with FieldScope and you have working in FieldScope to become more familiar, let's take a moment to reflect on our initial thinking to these questions.

What do classrooms look like when kids are engaged with and working with data? 

  • What is the teacher doing?

  • What are students doing?

Answers these questions on Frame 8 of the Jamboard.



1. Navigate to the Shared Jamboard. Use Frame 8. Note that Frame 2 was used in Module 1.


2. Put 1-2 sticky notes on the Jamboard to add new ideas for what students or teachers are doing in a data-focused classroom. 


3. Use complete sentences so others can understand your sticky notes. 


4. Read what others have written and group you sticky notes into similar clusters with others. 

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