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Module 1: Getting Started

Before you begin, please make sure to take the Register if you haven't already. We are trying to better understand who takes this course and why, so please help us out! 

About this Course: We are offering the Invitations to Inquiry with FieldScope PD as an online, self-paced course. The course consists of 4 modules that will take 45-60 minutes each, for a total of 3-4 hours. You will contribute your ideas to a shared course Jamboard and Google doc along with other educators completing the course, but most of the work in the course is on your own.

About the Course Designers: The course has been designed by Sean O'Connor and Audrey Mohan, who both work at BSCS Science Learning. The focus of their work is designing learning experiences for formal and informal education settings. They have designed and tested the Invitations to Inquiry with FieldScope in classrooms and are now working to provide teachers with positive professional development experiences as part of the project. To read more and the project and staff, see the "About the Project" page. 

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