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Module 1: Learn more about FieldScope

About Citizen and Community Science

  • Members of the public collaborate with professional scientists, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) or agencies on scientific research and monitoring to produce new scientific knowledge, make management decisions, or inform policy.

  • Often includes producing data; may also include designing the research question and methods, data analysis, and/or disseminating conclusions (Shirk et al. 2012)


NEXT: Click on the Read More link to load and read a 3-page document about citizen and community science and why it matters.

FieldScope .png

About FieldScope


FieldScope is a platform that allows citizen and community science projects to collect, store, analyze, and share data from their project. It has mapping, graphing, and data tables, and allows for multiple views of the same data set at once. This is the platform where you and your students will work as you dig into different data sets.


NEXT: Watch the video to the right to hear more about FieldScope.

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