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The Invitations to Inquiry with FieldScope project uses FieldScope, a software platform for citizen science data collection and analysis, and short, focused classroom investigations using FieldScope data and tools, to support the implementation of inquiry-based environmental science learning in middle and high school classrooms. Our current work is focused on outreach efforts and providing teacher professional development opportunities.



Sean O'Connor


Sean is the program manager for citizen and community science (CCS) at BSCS Science Learning. He also serves as the Technology Manager for FieldScope, BSCS’s platform designed for CCS projects, and works to design resources that engage learners in working with CCS data. Prior to joining BSCS, Sean worked as a program manager at the National Graphic Society for over a decade in citizen science and educational mapping technology. 

He lives in Newport, Rhode Island and loves spending time in and on the water--swimming, paddleboarding, or otherwise floating. 


Audrey Mohan



Audrey Mohan joined BSCS in 2012 and is currently the Associate Director for the OpenSciEd Middle School Developer's Consortim and is a curriculum developer with expertise in geography, Earth science, and crowdsourcing and mapping scientific data using cloud-based GIS and data management systems. She facilitates professional development programs for teachers and students on using mapping technologies and also works to coordinate citizen-science focused learning experiences within FieldScope.

In her free time, Audrey is often in the outdoors or wrangling her three boys.


Becca Greer


Becca Greer came to BSCS in 2019 and is currently a project coordinator across several BSCS projects, including those that use FieldScope. Becca manages and coordinates activities within and across our projects and makes sure that the work runs smoothly for staff and participants. Becca is a Colorado native and graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 2011 with a degree in Communication Studies. She is a volunteer with the Colorado BatCREW, Douglas Land Conservancy, and hospice. In her free time, Becca spends time with her two cats, dog, and a feisty 2 yr old human child.

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