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Module 1: Invitations to Inquiry with FieldScope

What are Invitations to Inquiry with FieldScope?


They are 2-4 day environmental science lessons that:

  • Provide educators and students a first experience asking and answering questions by analyzing community and citizen science (CCS) data.

  • Support educators to engage students in sense-making using scientific data, making progress toward the NGSS practices of analyzing and interpreting data and constructing explanations.

  • Supplement existing curriculum and use FieldScope to visualize and analyze CCS data.

Why were they developed?

  • Provide teachers and students with initial experiences with working with data.

  • Support teachers with resources to teach NGSS.

  • Support teachers who don’t have a lot of time instructional time.

  • Provide a structured inquiry experience that can be a ‘stepping stone’ to lead teachers and students toward more open-ended data inquiry experiences.

Invitations 2.png
Invitations 3.png
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