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Module 1: Goals and Agreements

Our Goals for this Course:

  • Develop shared understanding of what it looks like for learners to reason about and with environmental community and citizen science (CCS) data.


  • Become familiar with how to implement Invitations to Inquiry with FieldScope with students and become familiar with FieldScope.


  • Provide information to us about the design and delivery of professional learning with the Invitations and/or FieldScope. 

Now, read through the agreements for a positive Online Community (at right). These are agreements to ensure that you will have a good experience in this online course, and so will your colleagues. Feel free to add any additional norms or agreements for your work!

Community Agreements for Online Coursework:

1. Read through the text and watch the videos for each step in the course. Try to avoid the temptations of skimming!


2. In the shared course spaces, be respectful to others to ensure a positive learning experience for all. 

3. Take your time working through the course and enjoy the learning process along the way.

4. Reach out to the course designers when you are struggling or have questions (see the "About the Project" page for contact information).

5. Take breaks to process ideas or to get up and move around away from the computer. 

6. Any other agreements you would like to add.

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