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Module 4: Next Steps

You have made it through the course! Nice job! 

Throughout the course you have...

  • learned about the project,

  • thought deeply about using data in classrooms,

  • worked through one inquiry to practice,

  • practiced with other FieldScope tools and visualizations, 

  • planned for implementation of an inquiry in your classroom. 

Here are the final steps in this project...

Note our contact information:

Questions about paperwork: Becca Greer,

Questions about the Inquiries: Audrey Mohan,

Questions about FieldScope: Sean O'Connor,


Provide us with some initial feedback on your experience in this course. Go to Frame 7 of the Jamboard and post some sticky notes using the color codes provided. 


Take the Post-PD Survey to provide us information on your learning and experience in the course. Be sure to email your Implementation Planning Document to


Implement your inquiry between now and the end of your school year. Then AFTER YOU IMPLEMENT, take the Post-Implementation Survey to provide us with your final feedback on the project and your experience.


Celebrate your hard work! Thank you for your dedication to your students. Now, enjoy your summer break!

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