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CSA Virtual 2022 - FieldScope Trivia!


Question 1: What was the most commonly heard frog or toad species reported by volunteers in the FrogWatch USA program between April 1 and May 15? Bonus - what was the SECOND most commonly reported frog or toad, as well? 

Question 2: What was the most commonly recorded frog or toad in August 2022?

Question 3: Which country has the darkest reported night skies in 2022?

Question 4: What month had the most reported first sightings of Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds from the Journey North program?

Question 5: What date do you think the average calendar date of lilacs being in full flower is where you live? 

How to be be in the running for a trivia prize?! Email Sean - - with your results. 

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